Saturday, October 31, 2015

Filofax Planner Pages Sept 13 - Oct 31

Hello Hello!
I have missed you all.  Sorry for  popping up just once in a while.  It's been crazy busy around lately. It's like running around like a headless chicken that constantly bumps into a high speed blender with out it's cover! LOL

Anyway, I have my pages for my Filofax from Sept 13 to Oct 31.  That's a month and a half! I do always take a photo after I decorate the pages and right before I start planning.

All the stamps I used are from StudioL2e.  I don't have any other planner stamps at the moment and to be honest, I'm quiet happy with the planner stamps that I have.  You probably also notice that I used a lot of stickers. Well, I constantly feed a  hungry an army on a daily basis. (The Army being my Hubby and my son) And going to the grocery store is pretty much an activity of daily living.  From Walmart, to Meijer and to Target, they have a pretty good collection of sticko stickers that I can not resist. So I always grab a couple of sheets on every trip.

September 13 - 19

Washi: ebay
Pen: Pilot Juice Grey 0.38mm

September 20 -26
Washi: Michaels's
Stickers: Hobby Lobby
Pen: Pilot Hi Tec C Strawberry 0.4mm

September 27- October 3

Washi: Michael's
Stickers: Sticko
Pen: Pilot Juice Leaf Green 0.38mm

October 4 - 10

Washi: G-Studio (Walmart)
Sticker: Sticko
Pen: Pilot Hi Tec C Ultramarine 0.4mm

October 11 - 17

Washi: Hobby Lobby
Pen: Uni Ball Signo DX (Hello Kitty) Black 0.38mm

 October 18 - 24

Washi: Micheal's
Sticker: Sticko
Pen: Pilot Juice Leaf Green 0.38mm

 October 25 - 31

Washi: eBay
Sticker: Sticko
Pen: Uni Ball Signo Orange 0.28mm

 I have decorated my pages for November and I will post it in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!


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