Monday, January 16, 2017

Filofax Planner pages January 1 - February 4

Hi Friends!
WOW! It has been a looong time since I last posted. Life has got in the way and has kept me so busy in over a year. Eventhough I still had time to craft, color and plan...I did not enough time to blog and share everything in social media. 
We moved (same neighborhood) during  summer last year and we are still barely settling in.  Not alot of boxes anymore, but still a few more to go through.  My craft room is fairly done. Just needs a few more organizing and destashing.

I know, it's the middle of January already. But I still want to share with you my planner pages to start off the year.  I still enjoy decorating these planner pages with washi tape and stickers.  It makes planning for the weeks ahead more exciting...and I have to admit...decorating the pages is a stress relieving activity for me.

Ok. So, Michael's has come out with alot of new washi tape lately and it has been driving me crazy! They are all so cute and I just gotta have them.   Some of the washi tapes I used here, I've had them for awhile and some are the new ones I got.

Planner stamps are from Studio L2E
Washi Tapes are from Michael's Arts and Craft Store.

Jan 1 - 7

Jan 8 - 14

Jan 15-21

Jan 16 - 28

Jan 29 - Feb 4

Aside from this planner, I am currently using a Mini Happy Planner where I just write all my thoughts for the day.  I really don't decorate it that much because I don't have much space for decoration.  But things can always change when creativity kicks in.

Thank you for stopping by and letting my share my love for my planner pages and my love for decorating it!  See you again next time!

Have a wonderful day!

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