Sunday, October 19, 2014

Filofax Pages Oct 19-25 and New Stamps

Hello friends!
It's Filofax time again. My planner pages this week is bit different from my previous pages.  I've been so used to have my checklist on the center of the 2 page spread and I thought I should change things up a bit for this week. 
As you can see, I only used 1 style of washi tape (from ebay)  for this week. I wanted to focus more on the stamps I used for my pages.  The stickers are from Walmart and the football sticker is actually a washi tape by Scotch. And you will see alot of this football sticker on my pages, up until February next year.

Early last week, Studio L2e had a contest on Instagram and the prize was a complete set  of the Plan It Series stamps.  And guess who won the contest.... ME!!!
I was a happy camper and was so excited because I love all the StudioL2e planner stamps.

The prize also included 5 new stamps (photos and links below) and all the other stamps that I didn't have. So my Plan It stamp collection is now complete! Three (3) of the new set of stamps are use on my pages above.

Most of these stamps sets are currently on Pre-Order.  They sold out with in hours of the release. But if you Pre-Order now, the stamps set will start shipping within the next 2-3 weeks. 

And before I forget, this is my health pages for this week. I want to keep my health pages colorful all the time so I used 3 different washi tapes here. The patterned teal and the floral is from Michael's and the colorful vertical stripes is from Scotch. You probably have noticed the little owl stickers that I've used several times. They are from the dollar store and I love this little guys.

So, those are my pages for this week.
Thank you for stopping by and I'll catch you again next week!

Have a wonderful week a head!

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