Monday, June 30, 2014

MIA and some news

Hello Friends!
It's been awhile...and I'm sorry for being MIA these last few weeks. Summer always means "busy with the kiddo/s" and crafting is sometimes set aside to spend time with family.

Also a couple weeks ago, I broke my right index finger so no matter if I had time to craft, I could hold a marker or a paintbrush or do any crafting. Even clicking the computer mouse was so painful. But at the end of a storm, there's always a rainbow. My finger feels better now and I can hold a pen. So I'll be back in my craft room really soon.

In the mean time, I have some good news to share.  The editor of CardMaker Magazine asked me to be part of the CardMaker Blog Team for a few months. And of course, I was glad to jump in and join.
The 6 of us will be starting our term this July 2014. My 5 other teammates are:

Be sure to follow the CardMark Blog so you won't miss a single post.

See you again really soon!
Enjoy the summer!

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  1. Big congrats Mae! SO glad to be on the team with you - I love your beautiful creations!

  2. Congrats on an Amazing job! I will look foreward to seeing you in the Magazine!


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